Kraft popcorn flavors

$ 8.99

Pecan Almond Crunch:

Our flagship premium gourmet flavor combo: giant mushroom popcorn kernels, pecan pieces, and almonds all tumbled together in our world famous caramel coating. Taste buds everywhere respond to this tempting treat.

6 oz

Texas Two Step® Popcorn:

Here's something uniquely Texan: caramel corn and jalapeno cheddar.  Sweet and sassy, this is how it's done in the Lone Star State.  Let's see them taste buds dance, pardner!

Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt:

At Deanan® we believe there's no such thing as "too much chocolate". We've given our freshly popped corn a dark chocolate and sea salt spa treatment. We like to think of this as nirvana in a bag.

Cranberry Walnut Crunch

This tangy taste treat features our fresh popcorn in a tumble of dried cranberries, walnuts, and salted butter.  Popcorn that looks and tastes this good just has to be Deanan®.